A lawn mower manufacturer, a food processing company and a homebuilding products maker are all responsible to do what they can to protect customers from harm. Protecting customers may include:

  • Withholding from the marketplace products that have been proven hazardous in tests
  • Including guard devices (bars, rails or grills, for example) on products that may cause injury to users without protection
  • Attaching warning labels and information on how to use products safely

If you were seriously injured or if a loved one was killed through use of a dangerous or defective product in South Texas, contact Davis Law Firm in San Antonio. Product liability attorneys at our law firm offer free initial consultations to people with potential product liability claims or lawsuits. We have abundant resources, information and proven-effective strategies for getting medical bills paid and pursuing maximum compensation for pain and suffering.

South Texas Lawyers Represent People Injured by Defective Home and Workplace Products

Call or e-mail us in the event of an injury caused by any of the following:

  • A power tool
  • An industrial elevator at a construction site
  • Oil field equipment
  • Automotive parts
  • Car seats
  • Air bags
  • Faulty tires (tires with defects)
  • Chinese drywall materials or other materials used in construction

When a serious injury is traced to use of a dangerous or defective product, a manufacturer, maintenance service company or installer may be held responsible. Davis Law Firm zealously represents our clients who were injured through negligence of others. If you were seriously injured or if your loved one was killed in connection with use of a dangerous or defective product, we encourage you to discuss your case with an attorney promptly. The sooner an investigation gets underway, the more likely it is that the true cause of the accidental injury will be discoverable. Call or e-mail Davis Law Firm to learn how we can help.

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