Construction and highway work zones are extremely hazardous. While workers on roadways are continually in danger of being injured by passing motorists, motor vehicle drivers are more likely to lose their life in a construction zone accident. A Federal Highway Administration report found that from 1992 to 2012, Texas has more work zone-related fatalities than any other state.Individuals who are injured and family members who lost loved ones in work zone accidents are entitled to compensation for your losses, pain and suffering. At Davis Law Firm, our South Texas attorneys provide our experience, background and resources to pursue the best possible result for our clients.

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Leading Causes of Construction Crashes

A number of factors may contribute to auto wrecks in road construction zones. The most common reasons are:

  • Uneven or broken road surfaces: While minor differences in the road surfaces are not uncommon, steep differences caused by defective paving could destabilize a vehicle.
  • Poorly marked construction lanes: When construction zones are inadequately marked, drivers may be confused about where they are supposed to go, especially when entering or exiting a highway.
  • Merging construction vehicles: Roadway maintenance vehicles are regularly getting on or off the highway. Even though they are large, it is often difficult for drivers to see merging construction vehicles
  • Dust and other debris: Construction often kicks up dust and other debris, which can limit a driver’s visibility, making accidents more likely.
  • Driver error: According to the Texas Department of Transportation, speeding and the driver inattention are the leading causes of passenger vehicle injuries in construction zones.
  • Weather conditions: Fog, rain and other weather conditions may also make it difficult for a driver to see the road. Because construction zones typically do not have a shoulder, drivers have limited options if they need to suddenly stop.

Driver Safety Tips

Drivers can minimize their chances of being involved in a road construction crash by following a few driver safety tips. To avoid an accident, drivers should try to leave a few minutes early if they know about the construction. Even if the construction is unexpected, slow down, be patient and pay careful attention to the road.

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