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Employees are often aware that there are laws designed to protect them from harassment and discrimination but do not know how to stand up for their rights. Workers who experience sexual harassment or racial discrimination often worry more about keeping their paychecks than they do about helping to bring about justice. Davis Law Firm offers employees an opportunity to discuss legal issues of employment difficulties such as discrimination on the basis of religion or national origin at the workplace.

How to Confront Employment Discrimination or Harassment on the Job

Sometimes employees can find immediate solutions with focused guidance by one of our lawyers. Sometimes a discrimination or harassment situation is entrenched and will require a more definitive solution. Is it time to file a complain with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or some other government agency charged with protecting the rights of employees? Should you file a complaint with the human resources department of your employer, and if so, how can you protect yourself in the event of retaliatory discharge or other negative consequences?

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Sweeping statements only go so far. Individual circumstances vary greatly. The most important step to take now to protect your rights on the job may be to discuss your concerns with an experienced, knowledgeable employment law attorney. Davis Law Firm in San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley and throughout South Texas welcomes the opportunity to advise you in a free initial consultation.

If we determine that you have cause to file a complaint or lawsuit, we can advise you on how to do so while protecting yourself from retaliation. Perhaps you wish to help correct widespread wrongdoing at your place of employment, as a whistleblower. Talk to us about what to do if you are wrongfully discharged after reporting wrongdoing or taking family and medical leave (FMLA) time off from work.