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If you have experienced sexual harassment or any other type of illegal harassment on the job, you are making a wise move by looking for a knowledgeable employment law attorney for advice and direction. Davis Law Firm to schedule offers free initial consultations with a Texas employment law attorney in San Antonio, El Paso or one of our other south Texas law office locations.

The source of harassment may be a fellow employee, a contractor at your workplace or your employer himself (or herself). Sexual harassment may take the form of:

  • Direct sexual advances
  • Implied or explicit offers of benefits on the job in exchange for sexual favors
  • A hostile work environment, perhaps characterized by inappropriate jokes, insinuations or indecency.

Whether the perpetrator of harassment on the job is the employer or a fellow employee, the employer has a responsibility to train, monitor and respond appropriately to complaints.

If you have been targeted or affected by harassment on the job, An important first step in resolving a harassment situation is to understand your legal rights. Talk to one of our employment law attorneys at Davis Law Firm to discuss legal remedies including complaints to your employer, complaints to government agencies and lawsuits in pursuit of compensation.

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For advice relevant to your individual circumstances in the face of harassment, attorneys of Davis Law Firm can help. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with a Texas employment lawyer in San Antonio, El Paso or one of our other south Texas law office locations.

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