A study of truck accidents conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that brake failure was a contributing factor in nearly 30 percent of all accidents. Although federal and Texas regulations require truck brakes to be evaluated as part of an overall inspection before trucks hit the road, truck drivers sometimes skip these inspections. Brake failure accidents involving commercial trucks such as 18-wheelers, tankers and flatbeds frequently result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Truck drivers, trucking companies and insurance companies are worried about protecting themselves. Insurance companies will try to minimize or deny responsibility. At Davis Law Firm , we know how insurance companies work and we have an excellent track record of success with truck accidents.

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Causes of Semi Truck Brake Failure Accidents

Semi trucks have intricate brake systems that require routine maintenance by a trained commercial truck mechanic. If a truck driver, truck owner, trucking company or mechanic does not ensure that truck brakes are properly maintained, they can lock up or fail in other ways. Top causes of truck brake failure include:

  • Overheated brakes
  • Worn tires
  • Worn brake parts
  • Condensation within the brake lines
  • Weak or diminished air pressure
  • Poor brake alignment
  • Locking up

Brake failure is not always attributable to negligent maintenance. Sometimes brakes fail because they are defective, either in their design or how they were made.

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