The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2012 driver distraction was the cause of 18 percent of all fatal crashes – with 3,328 people killed – and crashes resulting in an injury – with 421,000 people wounded.

Distracted driving has always been a potential risk factor that sometimes contributes to or causes car and truck accidents. When drivers light cigarettes, fiddle with radio dials, reach for objects on the floor or engage in conversations with passengers, these distractions take away from the concentration needed to stay on the outlook for hazards in traffic and on the road. In recent years, the ubiquitous nature of cellphones, small laptop computers and other communication devices has added a new, insidious layer of driver distraction risks. Researchers and other experts have become increasingly aware of and concerned about the hazards of driving while texting and other forms of distracted driving.

Don’t Text and Drive

What can you do if you’ve been involved in an accident?

If you have been injured in a car accident or truck accident, you most likely do not know in full what the cause of the accident was. A detailed investigation may uncover evidence pointing to driver error on the part of the other driver. Was he or she talking on a cellphone or arguing with a passenger at the time of the crash? Was drunk driving or the use of drugs or alcohol a factor? Cellphone records, eyewitness testimony, blood alcohol testing and other clues may uncover the truth about why your accident occurred.

San Antonio Distracted Driver Accident Attorneys

“What really happened and why” can help strengthen the now-important matter of “how to help you obtain maximum compensation” for your injuries. Davis Law Firm  is committed to helping every one of our clients maximize recovery of damages. Every piece of information that helps establish liability is important. The sooner you have an attorney at work for you, the more successful the investigation is likely to be. Contact us to learn how we can help you get your medical bills paid and lost wages replaced after a crash that may have involved a drunk or distracted driver.

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