The trucking industry is heavily regulated to protect the safety of individuals traveling on U.S. roadways. These regulations govern the equipment required for safe operation of an 18-wheeler or other truck, but also maintenance. Unfortunately, many of these regulations are skirted or ignored, putting the lives and livelihoods of numerous families in danger.Defective equipment is the second common cause of trucking accidents. Improper maintenance or lack of maintenance is often a contributing factor in truck accidents. At Davis Law Firm, we have extensive experience handling trucking accident cases. We thoroughly investigate every trucking accident claim to identify all responsible parties and hold them accountable.

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Causes of Defective Truck Equipment Failure

Trucks spend more time on the road than other vehicles, carrying heavy loads for great distances. Due to the truck’s weight, an 18-wheeler accident has the potential to cause devastating injuries or death. Given their capacity for destruction, there is no excuse for a failure to maintain equipment.

Poor maintenance is not the only factor leading to truck equipment failure. Trucks have many specialized parts to facilitate operation. Defective parts, resulting from a product or design defect, may also contribute to truck equipment failure. To protect against this, federal and Texas laws require trucks to be inspected before they go on the road. These inspections, however, don’t always take place.

Truck equipment failure takes many forms, including:

  • Brake failure, including bad brake pads
  • Tire failure resulting in tire blowouts or tread separation
  • Coupling defects
  • Trailer hitch defects
  • Load strap or tie down failure, causing loads to become unstable and fall off the trailer
  • Broken or faulty steering systems
  • Windshield wiper failure
  • Engine part failure
  • Defective or broken seals, hoses and belts
  • Light malfunctions, including signal failures and headlights

The lawyers at Davis Law know how to uncover the true cause of trucking accidents and how to handle insurance companies to ensure that you receive the maximum available compensation.

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