In the case of an accidental injury, a home fire or healthcare insurance claim, or a life insurance claim after a family member’s death, policyholders and other deserving claimants often encounter obstacles to receiving benefits. These are some of the most common Catch-22’s and snags in the system:

Which insurance?

After a multiple-vehicle accident, it can be quite difficult for ordinary people caught in the middle to determine which insurance should cover injuries and losses. Insurance companies themselves often go through maneuvers designed to shift responsibility or at least postpone the pay out of benefits.

Insurance won’t pay.

Insurance companies often contrive excuses not to pay according to policy terms, alleging, for example, that a malfunctioning piece of electronic equipment was “overused,” although policy terms do not clarify what constitutes excessive use.

Insurance will pay, but too little, too late.

It is well known, and documented, that many insurance companies engage in tactics designed to “defend, deny, delay” pay out of benefits. Through this type of strategy applied over thousands of claims, insurance companies hold onto many thousands of dollars longer than necessary, earning interest on money that rightfully belongs to claimants. Meanwhile, claimants and beneficiaries are often in great need of financial relief after a covered event such as an injury.

Insurance subrogation.

More and more often, insurance policies contain fine-print provisions that allow them to recoup costs from other insurance companies’ benefits directed toward claimants and beneficiaries. This may mean, for example, that your health insurance company will try to recover its incurred liability for your healthcare after an accident from whatever insurance settlement you achieve in a personal injury claim. The result can be that your recovery is greatly diminished. It takes an experienced personal injury lawyer to fight for your rights and prevent abusive or excessive application of subrogation rights of insurers.

Bad faith insurance.

In some cases, an insurer clearly owes benefits and simply refuses to make good on policies. A lawsuit on behalf of the claimant may prove that an insurer committed fraud. If your bad faith insurance lawsuit is successful, you may be entitled to damages from the insurer in addition to payout of the wrongly denied benefits.

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