The Eagle Ford Shale (EFS) area stretching from southwest to northeast portions of south Texas offers great opportunities for employment as well as for acquisition of fossil fuels in great demand. With opportunity comes risk, as many workers engaged in operations related to extraction of the oil have been injured. The Eagle Ford Shale development areas are bustling with activity that often includes hazardous working conditions. Accidental injuries have occurred in situations such as:

  • Truck accidents
  • Explosion of oil drilling rigs
  • Heavy machinery accidents

Injured workers and their families are urged to contact a lawyer as soon after an oilfield injury as possible. Do not count on the employer to cover all medical expenses, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation. The sooner an attorney is in action, collecting evidence and communicating with doctors, the more successful an injury claim or lawsuit is likely to be.

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Will a workers’ compensation claim be the only legal remedy for an injured oilfield worker? Often this is not the case. A detailed investigation often uncovers evidence of third-party liability. A manufacturer, a subcontractor or any other responsible party besides the employer may be held responsible.

For legal advice and representation regarding oilfield accidents, consult with one of our lawyers at Davis Law Firm in San Antonio. We have abundant experience and a track record of success representing workers who had suffered injury due to exploding drilling rigs and other types of accidents. Contact us to schedule a free consultation as soon as possible after an oilfield accident resulting in injury.

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