Dog bites are more than upsetting incidents in many cases. A dog bite victim may suffer serious injuries, both physically and psychologically. Torn muscles and tendons, disfigurement and/or infection can result from a dog attack. Some dog bite victims suffer from scarring and/or disfigurement. At the Davis Law Firm, we applaud your decision to consider contacting a lawyer. Whether you call our law offices or work with some other lawyer, we believe you deserve full and fair compensation for your injuries after a dog bite. It is not only Rottweilers, pit bulls and German shepherds that bite. Any breed of dog may bite when provoked or frightened. Animal attacks tend to leave a victim traumatized. When our lawyers represent dog bite victims, we include any need for psychological counseling in our clients’ injury claims against negligent property owners, dog owners and other responsible parties.

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In San Antonio, Waco, Brownsville, McAllen and Harlingen, Davis Law Firm can help you recover compensation after a dog bite injury. We have a great deal of experience compelling responsible parties to pay up when our clients have suffered greatly.

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Initial consultations at Davis Law Firm are free. Our representation is on a contingency basis, which means most of our personal injury clients pay no lawyers’ fees until and unless they recover compensation. After an El Paso or San Antonio dog bite, lawyers at Davis Law Firm can evaluate your case and offer valuable advice. Call or e-mail the law offices to schedule a consultation.

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