Catastrophic and Serious Injuries

An accident victim who has suffered a serious injury such as a broken leg or burn injury may recover and return to a somewhat normal life after a period of time. A catastrophic injury, on the other hand, is by nature a life-altering event. A catastrophic injury victim will live with disabilities and dependencies for the rest of his or her life. Catastrophic injuries include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe burn injuries with disfigurement and amputations.

Before your accident, you were perhaps healthy, active and self-supporting. Your work, your free time activities and your family life helped form your identity.

After your accident, you will most likely do your best to recover. However, a catastrophic injury victim typically has many costs and challenges to overcome:

  • Long recovery in a hospital
  • Physical therapy for weeks, months or longer
  • Inability to work as before
  • A need for disability accommodations at home and elsewhere
  • In many cases, ongoing needs for personal care attendants

Your lifestyle is likely to be drastically altered, indefinitely. In time, a new “normal” lifestyle will develop, and you will adapt to it. In order to recover stability in your new life, you will most likely need all the resources you can get. You may require a wheelchair, a modified van for transportation and home modifications (such as widened doorways or lowered kitchen countertops).

Compensation for Accident Victims

To develop strong cases on behalf of our serious or catastrophic injury victim clients, attorneys of Davis Law Firm in south Texas collaborate with specialists such as economists, vocation rehabilitation specialists and life care planners. With the help of these expert witnesses, we are able to document specific dollar claims and justify those claims with hard facts to support the demands for compensation.

If your injury was caused by someone else who was negligent, that negligent party should be held responsible. No amount of money can give you back your life as you once knew it. However, ample compensation along with courage and determination can help you recreate a rewarding life. Our law firm is prepared to help you pursue and obtain compensation for your pain and suffering, in addition to strictly economic losses.

Free Case Review with a Catastrophic Injury Claim Attorney

Initial consultations at Davis Law Firm are free. Our representation is on a contingency basis, which means most of our personal injury clients pay no lawyers’ fees until and unless they recover compensation. Call or e-mail the law offices to schedule a consultation with an attorney. With offices in San Antonio, El Paso, Waco, Killeen, Brownsville, McAllen and Harlingen, we are ready to help you tap into all sources of compensation after a catastrophic injury. We have helped many previous accident victims overcome great challenges through our knowledgeable advocacy, let us help you.

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