Since cars, trucks and buses became the most common form of transportation in our society, each generation has had safety issues to confront. In past decades, seat belts became standard equipment in cars, and now in many cities and states, use of seat belts is mandatory. Drunk driving is now understood to be a serious crime. In today’s world, distracted driving is one of the most critical factors in many car and truck accidents – especially texting and driving accidents. We now understand as a society that injuries in a car accident are much worse for drivers and passengers not wearing seat belts. We know that drunk driving causes many motor vehicle accidents and injuries.

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In our day, cellphone use has become widespread. Texting while driving is pervasive — and is often identified as a primary probable cause of a car or truck accident.

The Texas Department of Transportation has participated in and hosted summits on distracted driving, bringing together experts from many fields. Despite many efforts to convince drivers not to text while at the wheel, all agree that this public safety issue continues to be a problem.

Distracted driving is more than a bad idea; it is negligent and in some cases, illegal. If you have been injured or if you lost a loved one because another driver was texting while driving, your injury claim may be strengthened. At Davis Law Firm, we prepare every personal injury claim as if for trial. We know that juries tend to hold distracted drivers responsible.

Our legal opponents in settlement negotiations are aware of this, and often make more reasonable settlement offers accordingly. For this reason, a key part of our investigation of any traffic accident is to determine whether a negligent driver was using a cellphone or another portable device such as a GPS device or a tablet computer while at the wheel.

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Initial consultations at Davis Law Firm are free. Our representation is on a contingency basis, which means most of our personal injury clients pay no lawyers’ fees until and unless they recover compensation. Call or e-mail the law offices to schedule a consultation with a plaintiff’s attorney regarding a car, truck or motorcycle accident that may have been caused by distracted driving.

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