Share the road and avoid distractions

Distracted driving is the most common cause of road accidents in the US. People talking on phones, texting or simply just not paying attention to the road can have fatal consequences for you and for others. It is imperative that while you are driving a vehicle that you take every precaution possible to prevent causing an accident because all it takes is you taking your eyes off the road for two seconds.

Share the road
If you think the person in front of you is going too slow, do not try to overtake them if it is not safe. Stay calm and wait until it is safe and convenient, do not let this distract you from the ultimate goal which is making sure that the road is safe for you and other road users.

What Counts As Distracted Driving?

If at any point you do not give the road your full concentration while driving, then you are a distracted driver. Distracted drivers are dangerous, it doesn’t matter if you are talking to someone in your car or if you are on the phone, all of these examples are distractions that should be avoided.

Don’t forget, you share the road with other road users, and they won’t all be in cars. Some may be on motorbikes, some may be on bicycles, and some may be crossing the road. It is important to remember that people on the road don’t have the same level of protection that a motor vehicle driver has.

If there is a motor vehicle accident and you crash into a non motor vehicle, the adverse is more likely to be injured.  The less physical matter one has between them, the less one is protected against physical hits.

What If I Need To Use My Phone?

The safest thing that you can do if you need to use your phone is to find a safe space to pull over. Be aware that just because you aren’t touching your phone that it isn’t going to distract you from the road. For example, if you call someone while you are driving and you receive some bad news, your attention will be immediately pulled away from what is happening in front of you and operating your vehicle safely may not be your number one priority anymore.

So as you can see, distracted drivers are dangerous drivers and the best thing that you can do is utilize proper vehicle signals to let other road users know that you need to pull over before you use your phone.

What Precautions Should I Take?

If you think you are going to be tempted to use your phone while you are driving, then you should put it somewhere out of reach so that you won’t be tempted to retrieve it. This will ensure that if you do need it, you will have to stop first. However, your phone is not the only distraction. If you have passengers in your car, you are responsible for everything that happens in the car and to them.

So, be mindful of noise levels in your vehicle as they can be distracting.  Also, should you need to adjust any settings in your vehicle the safest practice is to pull over and address the change. Also, always be sure to stop at all stop signs and pedestrian crossings. Remember, just because you didn’t see them coming down the street it doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

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