Spring break is a vacational period during Spring at universities and educational schools. This break in the regular school year calendar draws students and parents to travel.  Many families also go to visit extended families during this break. We would like to encourage you to plan ahead and consider driving precautions to avoid accidents on your travel.

Should You Drive Over Spring Break?

2018 Spring Break Safety Tips
This 2018 Spring Break, avoid accidents by inspecting your vehicle before you head out, and apply defensive driving on the road at all times.

If you can avoid driving over Spring Break, then you should. A lot of new teen drivers will be out on the road traveling to the local beaches in South Texas and that can mean trouble.  New drivers are not familiar with the roads and may face distractions that can aid to an accident.  Think about the different options to travel to your destination.  Although we have learned both air travel and bus travel can be extremely busy as well. According to CNBC, traveling midweek can get you the best deals.  The known Texas Spring Break dates range from 03/11/2018 to 03/18/2018.  Keep in mind other states take Spring Brake later in March so in Texas we may still be affected by an influx of traffic from these travelers.

Spring Break Driving Precautions

It can be tough to avoid driving altogether, so take extra precautions if you get behind the wheel.

• Make sure you pay attention to the following driving precautions if you plan to travel over spring break.
• Make sure you’ve had plenty of sleep and that you’re alert before getting behind the wheel.
• Never get behind the wheel if you feel you’ve been drinking.
• Remember that driving hungover is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.
Drowsy driving is distracted driving so get plenty of rest.
• Don’t let any of your loved ones get behind the wheel if they’ve been drinking.
• Take preventative measures and perform a vehicle inspection before you travel.
• Ensure all passengers are buckled up.
• Follow the rules of the road and stay within speed limits.
• Never tailgate other vehicles.
• Stay away from distractions, like cell phones.
• Make frequent stops if you’re taking a long trip. Plan to get some rest or at least stop for refreshments. Never continue driving if you’re tired.
• If you’re taking a pet, make sure they are restrained as they could also be a distraction. (refer to our pet safety article )
• Carry an emergency kit in your vehicle.
• Ensure somebody knows where you’re going in case you get derailed.
• Know the weather forecast of your destination.

Spring Break Statistics

During Spring Break there are arrests and fatalities each year. We hope you stay safe this Spring Break and have safe travels.  Below you may find more statistics by NHTSA.dot.gov:
• 1,446 people in Texas died in drunk driving accidents in 2014.
• Of the 70,842 Texans arrested for drunk driving in 2014, 434 were younger than 18.
• Crashes involving someone under the age of 21 driving while under the influence accounted for 193 deaths.
• An estimated 70% of impaired drivers in fatal accidents had blood-alcohol concentrations (BAC) of 0.15 or higher.
• In 2014, drunk driving fatalities increased by 8.2% from the prior year, yet the number of arrests decreased.

What do I do after a Spring Break Accident?

Don’t be surprised after your accident, on Spring Break, with a low settlement offer and contact a trusted attorney! You can reach us at (210)444-4444, (956)444-4444 or (361)999-9999. Davis Law Firm is here 24/7 to listen to your case! Our team of legal representatives offer free consultations at no risk to you.  As always we hope you stay safe during your travels and have some fun.  Our offices will be open all week long in case you need us!