Road Trip Season

Spring break is here and that means families and college students will be traveling to a vacation destination. The Weather Channel has predicted warmer than usual weather for this month which is further incentive for anyone planning on going to the beach for some R & R. South Padre Island is one of the top 15 destinations for spring breakers. Other popular locations included Florida, Mexico, California, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. Any sort of traveling can be stressful. That is why it is wise to plan ahead when it comes to preparing your vehicle for a road trip to paradise.

Tire Safety

Tires are the foundation when it comes to making your vehicle safe for a journey. Dealing with a flat tire or blowout is no way to spend a vacation. The Rubber Manufactures Association (RMA) recommend checking your vehicle’s tires at least once a month. The process is simply taking a walk around your vehicle to spot any signs of wear or damage. This includes checking the spare tire if you have one.

Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure damages your tires by causing them to wear irregularly. Handling is also affected and can cause drivers to lose control under at speed. Before going on a road trip it is recommended that you check the tire pressure. You can also make an appointed with a tire shop and have them do it for you. Most tire shops do not charge to check tire pressure.

Tire Rotation & Alignment

Getting your tires rotated helps for even wear which improves the tire’s lifespan. It is recommended to have them rotated every 5,000 miles. Hitting potholes or curb hopping can throw off your vehicle’s alignment which will cause uneven wear or damage to a tire. If you bring in your vehicle to a tire shop for a rotation ask to inspect the alignment as well.

Tire Thread and the Dangers of Old Tires

The less tread a tire has the more dangerous it is. Worn tread on a tire means it won’t grip the road like it should. This can cause a driver to lose control or slide under heavy braking. Worn thread is easy to spot. Look for unusually smooth areas or high and low wear. Age is another factor that has a negative impact on a tire’s performance. Old tires have a higher risk of blowing out or failing when driving and can cause a serious car accident. Tires older than 4 years need be inspected for road worthiness.

Road Safety Matters

Spring Break is the first vacation opportunity for many people. That’s why we stress the importance of tire safety. From college kids to traveling families, make sure your tires are safe for the road trip. It is the first line of defense in avoiding a car wreck.

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