Choosing the right personal injury attorney means familiarizing yourself with the legal services you need.  Consider that your legal needs may go beyond a law office with your injury case.  Also, the successful resolution of your case may only be reached through a verdict in a trial setting.  Hiring a personal injury trial lawyer would be most appropriate in this case.  Get informed about your legal needs and call an attorney with trial experience.

Jeff Davis meets with his personal injury team on a regular basis.

The Best Personal Injury Attorneys Offer Contingency Fees

Complicated personal injury cases can take many years until they go trial.  A settlement or verdict may not be reached until the case goes to trial.  At Davis Law Firm our attorneys offer a contingency fee basis.  Attorneys work as long as it takes to get the best resolution of your case without any upfront costs.  This also means the attorney does not get paid unless there is a recovery on the case.  The best personal injury attorneys will offer payment on a contingency fee basis.  The best personal injury attorneys have the resources to upfront the costs of working on your case. Below is a list of why you should choose a personal injury firm based on contingency fees:

  • Free consultation.
  • No upfront costs.
  • No fees taken unless you win.

Personal Injury Jury Trial Lawyers with Experience

Jury trials are not the same as other forms of legal work and if you choose a lawyer that doesn’t have much experience in trial, you could find yourself represented by a negligent lawyer.  At Davis Law Firm we have personal injury trial experienced attorneys with over 20 years of experience.  Our attorneys are board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Law.  Board Certification requires an extra focus on the practice of Personal Injury Law.  It is always best to be over prepared and with Davis Law Firm you will be ready to go to trial with an experienced trial lawyer.

Knowledge of Local Laws

Behind Davis Law Firm are a group of South Texas local legal professionals from San Antonio, and Rio Grande, Texas.  Our native roots start with owner and Counselor at Law Jeff Davis who graduated from San Antonio’s St. Mary’s School of Law in 1991.  Jeff’s family has been in the San Antonio area since the late 1800 and started off with businesses downtown Market Street in the 1890s.  Jeff’s also has family ties to Harlingen, Texas where his late uncle and Counselor at Law, Rollins Koppel, practiced law for many years.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys – Call the 4’s

At Davis Law Firm we specialize in personal injury law throughout South Texas with offices located in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Harlingen and McAllen, Texas.  With over 120 legal professionals on call for your legal needs we stand committed to the communities we serve!  If you or a loved one has been serious injured in an accident Davis Law Firm is here 4 you! Our Personal Injury Attorneys are here 24/7 to listen to your case. Our team of legal representatives offer free consultation at no risk to you.   If you have been injured in an accident #callthe4s!