In 2017, a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade experienced one of the most dangerous events they had ever seen. According to CNN, an intoxicated driver operating  a pick-up truck drove through a crowd of onlookers causing 28 people to be either pinned down or thrown in the air and injured. Although South Texas is not New Orleans, with an increase of population and unpredictable weather it is important for people to remain cautious when out celebrating. To stay safe this Mardi Gras weekend we encourage you to read our safety tips below.

This Mardi Gras weekend we hope you stay safe by planning ahead and practicing defensive driving.

Plan Ahead of Time

Before attending Mardi Gras events keep in mind most downtown areas have their own separate rules about parking, crossing the street and what you carry on. It is important to keep the law in mind  to avoid a traffic ticket and/or even having a possession confiscated. Remember, it’s illegal in San Antonio to be intoxicated publicly and it can cost you a fine of at least $500 and up to $4,500 in retaining legal representation and more. Note each public park has its own rules about where you may and may not consume alcohol.

Don’t Drink and Drive

If you’re planning on driving during Mardi Gras weekend celebrations, drunk driving is something to avoid. According to the Texas Department of Transportation 1 in 4 motor vehicle accidents that happen on holidays are caused by an intoxicated driver. If you’re planning to drink, find another mode of transportation to and from the event or bar. Although we cannot control other drivers, if you happen to be out driving on Mardi Gras, make sure you drive as defensively as possible.  Look out for drunk drivers swerving, speeding or driving extra slow.  These are all indicators that the driver may not be fully engaged.

Watch Out for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Bar hopping and walking around parades and fairs is a common activity during Mardi Gra celebrations. This means that more people will be walking to their destinations in order to avoid spending money on cabs and/ or parking fees. Earlier this month, 2 people were killed and several were injured when driver swerved into the bike lane to try to go around a vehicle near the Mardi Gras Parade. Most of the victims were cyclists according to CBS News. Make sure you’re extra vigilant if you’re driving to avoid any accidents. The same goes if you’re a pedestrian too – watch where you are going!

Be Aware of Bad Weather Effects

The weather is unpredictable. Be sure to prepare for possible bad weather during your celebrations. Rainy weather causing roads to become wet causes many accidents. Colder weather can lead to freezing temperatures. Be cautious when planning to attend festivities. Always be aware of the conditions you are in while driving. If you’re driving to a Mardi Gras event, don’t forget to adjust your driving to be more cautious of adverse weather conditions.

The 4’s Are With You

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