Every year, Valentine’s day comes around with the thrill of anticipation we all live for. Who will we go out with? What can we do to make the one realize how much they are loved? Can we get a table reservation at that little place we went to last year?

With all the excitement it can be easy to get distracted and forget what is important, safety.  While most of our safety tips are good year around it is during the busy holidays that we want to emphasize the importance of practicing self awareness and extra caution.

Valentine's Day Safety
Valentine’s Day is a busy holiday for all.  Expect an increase in road traffic and plan ahead.

Holiday Safety Awareness

February is a busy month as most individuals are getting back in to the rhythm of things. New year resolutions like hitting they gym, taking that dance class or enrolling back to school can add travel time. Lets not forget that San Antonio traffic can mean more stress.  Valentines Day is no exception. The planning of special dates and gift hunting can cause distraction away from taking safety precautions.

According to Centers of Disease Control and Prevention there are four main distractions to look out for and stay away during Valentine’s Day:

• Visual: taking your eyes off the road
• Manual: taking your hands of the wheel
• Cognitive: taking your mind off of driving
• Limit: taking away use of speed limits and alcohol use/ limit

It’s important to remain cautious during holidays. There are added pressures that come with holiday activity and when we are not careful it is easy to get distracted. A few more variables to be aware of are added stress of gift buying, coordinating events and being in a time crunch are all factors that can contribute to stress. In fact, according to DMV.org drivers who are stressed are more likely to drift into another lane, drive through a red light, rear end the car in front of you or hit a pedestrian. It’s important to try and stay relaxed and drive defensively so that an accident does not ruin your Valentine’s Day.

Also keep in mind that more vehicles on the road on Valentine’s Day means that there are a lot more people on the road. Whether it be getting last minute gifts, trying to make dates, or trying to rush to your loved one more people are traveling. Added vehicles means that there is an increased chance for an accident. Always use the general rule of thumb to stay 3- 4 seconds behind other vehicles and at 10 seconds behind other vehicles if there are difficult weather conditions.

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