This Easter weekend, it’s likely roads will become congested with traffic as many people travel for the holiday. The number of accidents increases during these peak travel times. In 2016, the Texas Department of Transportation reports Easter weekend having one of the highest numbers of fatal crashes and fatalities. The last thing anyone wants is to be involved in an accident during the Easter weekend. We want you to drive safe and always take safety precautions the entire duration of your trip. Below we have put together these tips to help ensure that your Easter weekend is safe and enjoyable.

1 –Check The Weather For Your Trip 

It is important to always check the weather before you head out for your trip. Rain, ice, snow, etc. can all have an impact on your drive. Drivers should prepare for the weather beforehand to drive in these conditions. When driving in adverse weather conditions, take the necessary precautions such as slowing down or pulling over to ensure your safety. Weather can be a major factor in car crashes.  Make sure you have equipped your car with an emergency kit should you need it. Checking the weather can help you be prepared for what you can expect on your trip.

2 – Use Navigation

In 2016, Easter weekend had one of the highest number of fatal crashes and fatalities.

Satellite navigation or GPS, is a helpful tool to use to arrive at your destination this Easter weekend. Navigation not only helps you get to your destination in the least amount of time, it also helps gauge the traffic for your route. Most navigation systems will make you aware of congested traffic on the road. This helps you be aware of what is coming up during your route or help you avoid those congested areas.

3 – Keep A Safe Distance

Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you is an important rule to follow. Without a safe distance, you could crash into the vehicle in front of you should they have to apply their brakes in an emergency. Maintaining a safe distance will help give you time to react to the situation and apply your brakes. The three second rule as described by, is a good guide to keep at least one car distance behind the driver in front. 

4 – Watch For Commercial Vehicles

In 2016, the Texas Department of Transportation states there were over 2,500 crashes and 26 fatalities involving commercial vehicles in Bexar County alone. Most drivers expect commercial vehicle drivers to drive vigilantly. While those operating a commercial vehicle need to drive vigilantly, so should you. Commercial vehicles have bigger blind spots and have more precautions that need to be taken. By maintaining your distance, avoiding blind spots for long periods of time, and sharing the road with commercial vehicles you can ensure safety for you and other drivers on the road. 

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