Thousands of motorcycle accidents occur each year. The Texas Department of Transportation reports 8,967 motorcycle crashes in 2016 alone. Texas is no stranger to the dangers of reckless driving. Motorcyclist have a higher risk of fatal accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports motorcyclists accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities and 17% of all occupant fatalities.

Below, we have prepared a few safety tips that can help you take precaution and stay safe on the roads.

1. Investing In Quality Equipment

Quality equipment makes all the difference when in a motorcycle accident.  Even a minor accident could cause severe damage. The protective gear motorcyclists should be wearing when on their motorcycle are a helmet, body protection, and boots. Body protection includes gloves, proper jacket, and thick pants. Make sure that you are investing in quality protection as you are fully exposed when driving. The gear you are wearing during your travels are the only items to protect you during a crash. Investing in quality items is important as you are trusting your life with them.

NHTSA reports 33 percent of all motorcycle riders involved in fatal
crashes were speeding.

2. Be A Defensive Driver

Defensive driving, whether you are in a car or on a motorcycle helps keep you and others on the road safe. Defensive driving involves the following:

  • Always use your signals and double check your blind spots before moving into another lane, turning, or exiting
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and what other drivers are doing.
  • Don’t assume other driver’s intents.
  • Pull over if there’s a problem with your vehicle
  • Always create a bubble of safety around yourself. Don’t get too close to other vehicles and maintain the speed limit.
  • If you are not driving a motorcycle, be sure to share the road and look out for motorcyclists.

3. Be Cautious of Road Hazards

With all the construction and worn down roads, there are many potential dangers to those operating a motorcycle. Some roads have potholes, debris, or even unexpected lane closures that could cause a motorcyclist to lose control of their vehicle. Since there is less of your vehicle in contact with the ground, it means that small pebbles, rocks and other items on the road could be a hazard and potentially cause you to crash. Make sure you’re alert to your surroundings by examining road conditions and hazards before you come up to them. Be sure to keep a safe distance between other drivers on the road in order to have time to react to a dangerous situation should one occur.

4. Be Familiar With Your Motorcycle

Familiarity with the vehicle you are operating is important in driving safely. Understanding how your vehicle operates helps you drive safer, make corrections should you come upon a hazard, and keep the vehicle well maintained.  Make sure you’re riding on a regular basis to gain familiarity with the vehicle and consider taking extra lessons if you want to ensure your safety. While it might sound like a lot of extra effort, it’s important that you learn how to drive your vehicle defensively with expert assistance, and to give yourself more confidence when you’re out on the road. Practicing your driving skills, whether you’re a driver or a motorcyclist, is important to your overall safety.

The 4s Are With You!

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