Volkswagen Emissions Recall Client News And Updates


Attention Current Volkswagen Clients: Despite the fact that over 85% of the clients of the Davis Law Firm decided to “Opt Out” of the inadequate and unfair settlement, Volkswagen continues to try to create a conflict between those clients and their attorney of choice, the Davis Law Firm. Recently, Volkswagen sent correspondence to all the consumers that had chosen to “Opt Out” of the Class Action settlement. This correspondence offers the Class Settlement to all those who “opted out” and encourages them to reconsider. Volkswagen did this knowing that these consumers were represented by legal counsel and such communication with a represented party is prohibited and unethical conduct in all fifty states.

We continue to believe that the Class Settlement is unfair and basically no settlement. We will be sending out a letter today so please be sure to check your mailboxes. – Steve Cichowski


A settlement in the class action lawsuit filed in the  Federal District Court of California regarding the 3.0-liter “clean diesel” engines was recently reached. If you are a current client who owns or owned one of the eligible 3.0-liter vehicles a letter went out to you yesterday. Please make sure to check your inboxes and mailboxes. To learn more about the 3.0-liter “clean engine” settlement, you can see the complete settlement agreement and exhibits here. – Steve Cichowski


A class action settlement agreement against Bosch, the manufacturer of the “defeat device” software put into certain 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter Volkswagen and Audi branded turbocharged direct-injection (“TDI”) diesel vehicles, was reached last week. A letter outlining what this settlement entails will be going out to all of our Volkswagen clients in the upcoming week. Click here to read the Class Action Settlement Agreement in its entirety. – Steve Cichowski


On Monday, January 9, 2017, an executive with Volkswagen was arrested and charged with fraud and conspiracy for not disclosing a cheating device used to rig U.S. diesel emissions tests. To find out more on how serious the charges against Volkswagen are, see the link here. It is revelations like this that show how inadequate the offer made by Volkswagen for the class action settlement truly was. – Steve Cichowski


Attention Current Volkswagen Clients: The Judge in the Texas MDL recently approved and ordered anyone who is making a claim against Volkswagen to complete a Plaintiff Fact Sheet. We will be sending out a letter later this week regarding your Plaintiff Fact Sheet, so please be sure to check your mailboxes.  – Steve Cichowski




This is an article discussing the government warning Volkswagen dealers not to mislead consumers about the proposed class action settlement. See more here. – Steve Cichowski


VW now claims they can fix most of the 2 liter engines which were the subject of the recent emissions fraud “with no discernable impact” in the cars mileage, horsepower, or torque. See more here. . We have advised our clients to “Opt Out” of the settlement negotiated in the Federal Class Action case filed in the Northern District of California.  This news, if accurate, is all the more reason to opt out of that settlement, demand VW pay you for your actual damages, and have your vehicle fixed as part of Volkswagen’s legal responsibility. – Steve Cichowski


Please note we have E-mailed you important documents relating to your VW case. – Steve Cichowski

Please note we have uploaded important documents relating to your VW case.  You can access those documents on the link below. – Steve Cichowski


Please note that a letter discussing proposed class action settlement is being sent to all Davis Law Firm Clients today via USPS Mail and E-mail.  This update contains important information regarding your rights to obtaining a full recovery.  Please be on the lookout and notify our office if you have not received this update by Monday, July 25, 2016.  –Steve Cichowski

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