There’s nothing more pleasant than taking your bike out on a summer’s day. This summer, many people will be looking forward to dusting down their bicycle and going for a ride. Cycling is incredibly enjoyable, and it’s great for your body and mind, but there are risks involved. If you’re a keen cyclist or you’re hoping to enjoy family bike rides this summer, check out this useful safety guide.

Reflective Gear
Utilizing bright colors and reflective gear this summer can keep you visible and safe.

Before You Ride

Preform a check of your bicycle before you head out. Check that the brakes are working properly and that the chain isn’t getting stuck. Always make sure you check your tires before going out. Make sure your tires are full of air and do not have major wear on them. Ensuring your bike is ready for your ride is often overlooked. It is one of the major factors that contribute to the outcome of your ride.

The importance of safety gear cannot be stressed enough. When riding your bicycle, always wear a helmet. Helmets are key to a safe ride. However, be sure that you are getting a properly fitting helmet. While this can be more time consuming than just picking one, it is worth it. Ill-fitting helmets are not as protective should you get in an accident as properly fitting ones. For help with proper helmet fitting, visit the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute. A helmet can protect you from temporary or permanent head trauma. Always wear your helmet when on your bicycle, even if you’re just going for a ride around your neighborhood. Safety is always in style.

Staying Safe

Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit, explore the great outdoors and spend quality time with friends and family. Be sure that you are riding a bike that is the right size for you. If your bike is too big, you will have a harder time controlling it than you would the proper size. Be sure that you are riding a bicycle that you feel comfortable on and feel that you have the most control over when riding.  Should you need to carry items with you when riding, make sure they are secured in a backpack and out of the way. Trying to carry items on your ride takes away from your focus and your ability to control your bicycle.

When out on your bike, you are surrounded by cars and trucks that are traveling at much higher speeds. As a cyclist, you might be difficult to spot. Try and make yourself more visible and stick to designated paths. It’s essential that other cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians are aware of your presence. Wear bright colors when riding during the day time and wear reflective clothing when riding at night time. It is a good idea to have reflectors on your bicycle to help your visibility. Staying on designated paths will help you stay safe. Other’s are aware of bicycle lanes and know to watch for you. However, when you are not on designated paths, drivers can neglect their responsibility to watch for you.

Ride Defensively

Be sure that while riding your bicycle, you are riding defensively.

  • Just like motor vehicles, you as a bicyclist have to obey road markings, street signs, and signals.
  • Be sure to never text or talk on the phone while riding.
  • Stay alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • Look for potential hazards in order to avoid them.
  • Slow down and look for traffic when crossing a street from a sidewalk.
  • Ride in the same direction as traffic.
  • Watch for pedestrians.

Davis Law Firm is Here 4 You!

Should you find yourself injured in an accident you can always contact us at (210) 444-4444, (956) 444-4444 or (361) 999-9999. Davis Law Firm is here 24/7 for you! Our team of legal representatives offer free initial consultation. The summer sunshine provides a perfect excuse to get your bike out and make the most of long days. If you’re a cyclist, there are risks, and it’s wise to be aware of potential hazards you may encounter on a bike ride. Check your bike before you leave home, wear high-visibility clothing and a helmet, and use designated cycle routes.