There are many dangers on the roads that you may encounter. There have been many fatalities accounted for on Texas roads in just this year alone. Accidents can happen for numerous reasons such as distracted driving, drunk driving, and road hazards. Being aware of the dangers can lead to a safer drive and awareness is key towards aiding your reaction time to situations. Being alert is remaining safe as you apply defensive driving best practices.  The practice of safety is easier than you may think. Below we have created a few safety tips to help you become a safer driver.

Summer Driving Safety Tips
This summer take the pledge to be a safe summer driver!

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

As San Antonio grows so does the construction and with construction there are a few hazards that follow. Be sure that you are aware of your surroundings and watch out for construction signs. Potholes can also cause major damage to your vehicle and follow with debris on the road. Being aware of road signs and detours before you reach them can help you react to the situation with extra time. As you don’t want to hit the hazard and then react.  You also don’t want to cause an accident by accidentally swerving to avoid it. Reacting appropriately to situations that you can visibly see before you reach them is being a defensive driver. While you can’t always predict what is going to happen when you get in your vehicle, you can always be aware of what is happening in your area. While you are driving look for potential hazards, construction areas, and other distracted drivers on the road.

Watch Out For The Weather

You can plan a pretty pick nick but you can’t predict the weather. In Texas you might find that when you start off it is a sunny day but the weather quickly deteriorates. However, you can adjust your driving behavior based on the weather conditions. For instance, if it is raining you should keep a greater distance between the car in front of you. You may also want to consider driving at a significantly lower speed. If it becomes foggy, turn your fog lights on, slow down and stay at a constant speed. The weather for your trip can be unpredictable but your next move can be well planned. Stay aware of what is happening outside of your vehicle. Be sure you know good driving practices when driving during in-climate weather conditions. Adjusting your driving to the weather will help you stay safe on the road.

Take Your Time

Driving at high speeds will always put you at risk of an accident. Your braking distance will greatly increase, and you will have less time to spot and react to potential hazards. That’s why you should always obey the speed limits and only drive at a speed where you feel comfortable. Be aware, at higher speeds, you will also have less control as a whole over your vehicle. Remember to obey all posted speed limits, but if there are hazards on the road or a condition that makes the road less safe, you shouldn’t hesitate to reduce your speed to ensure your safety.

Avoid Risky Driving Behaviors

Many drivers partake in risky driving behaviors. Distracted driving is one of these behaviors. Distracted driving is becoming more and more common with the technological advances on our phones. The most common form of distracted driving is texting while driving. However, many people overlook that eating, drinking, using in-vehicle technology, and even talking to your passengers is distracted driving. If you need to make a call, always use bluetooth and hands free technology. Be sure that you minimize your distractions by placing your phone out of reach.  Stay focused on where you are going and what you are currently doing in order to focus on driving at all times. Be sure to never drink and drive. Designate a driver or plan ahead to use a taxi or rideshare program. Be responsible when driving as you are controlling your safety and the safety of others.

The 4s Are With You!

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