Dangerous San Antonio Intersections

This summer we aware of the dangers in road biking. Bicyclists can encounter many dangers while riding. The roads and paths are not always the most bicycle-friendly. MySA recently published a list of the most dangerous intersections for bicyclists in the San Antonio Area. The list of intersections includes:

Bicycle safety: Be aware of dangerous intersections that can get congested with traffic.

You can view the full list of intersections from MySA here.

It may be a good idea to try to avoid cycling through the intersections mentioned above. Should you need to cycle through them, please do so cautiously. Drivers are not always looking out for cyclists. Be sure you remain alert while crossing streets, riding where paths are not well defined and riding near moving vehicles. Below we have included some tips that can help guide you into riding safer.

Intersection Danger

Safety is very important when you are riding your bicycle. You are more exposed to dangers when riding, so you need to protect yourself as you do not have a metal car surrounding you. Safety gear is often overlooked by cyclists and many have been seriously injured because of it. Be sure that you are wearing all recommended safety gear when cycling. Investing in quality gear can help protect you should anything happen. Wearing gear that is sized to your measure can be key in the protection of future injuries. When riding through intersections, anything can happen . Be sure that when at intersections, you are following all necessary signals and that you are aware of what others around you are doing. Use bicycle lanes if they are available. If you are riding on the sidewalk, be sure that you are crossing the intersection when prompted and looking both ways before doing so.

Safety Gear is Key

Wearing bright colors and reflective gear is a good safety precaution all riders can take. Making yourself visible to the drivers around you helps keep you in their sight and aware of where you are going. Bright colors are eye catching during the day and reflective attachments for your bicycle come in handy should you be riding at night time. Wear reflective clothing to help drivers see you. When it is dark outside, you never want to wear dark clothing that could blend in with the surroundings.

Have an awarenes of your surroundings

Be sure that while riding your bicycle you are aware of your surroundings. Remember that just like motor vehicles, you as a bicyclist have to obey road markings, street signs, and signals. In many regions it is recommended that you walk your bike and follow pedestrian laws while crossing intersections. There may not always be designated bicycle lanes on the street or even sidewalks. Below are some useful tips to keep in mind when going for a ride:

  • Slow down and look for traffic when crossing a street from a sidewalk.
  • Ride in the same direction as traffic.
  • Watch for pedestrians.
  • Be sure to never text or talk on the phone while riding.
  • Look for potential hazards in order to avoid them.
  • Evaluate

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