Details vary greatly from one accident to the next, but every personal injury claim or lawsuit contains these basic elements:

  • Someone was injured — and needs compensation for expenses and losses.
  • Someone was negligent — and is responsible for paying damages to an injured party.

Experienced and accomplished the personal injury attorneys in New Mexico at Davis Law Firm are committed to helping clients recover full, fair compensation after suffering a personal injury whenever possible. New Mexico residents and visitors contact us for help, advice and advocacy after suffering serious harm in accidents such as the following:

  • Car accidents: Was the accident the result of a traffic violation, a distracted driver or a defective car part? A prompt and thorough investigation is key to recovery of maximum compensation.
  • Truck accidents: Was a driver fatigued, was a truck load too heavy or off balance, or were dangerous road conditions to blame? An experienced truck accident attorney can find out — and put the resulting knowledge to best advantage in an effective personal injury claim or lawsuit.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Never assume that a motorcyclist was the one who made a mistake. Time and again we hear of cases where a driver of a car, bus or truck cut in front of a motorcycle or forced it off the road.
  •  Defective Product Injuries: Defective machinery and equipment, defective car parts and defective home power tools and appliances are often the cause of serious injuries.
  • Construction accidents: A defective piece of equipment, a subcontractor’s violation of safety procedures or a “freak accident” may have caused your injury. Contact our law firm to learn how to discover the true cause and use that information to pursue maximum compensation.
  • Medical malpractice: A surgeon’s neglect, a hospital staff’s failure to follow protocol or a medication error may have caused your suffering. We can advise and advocate for you.
  • Birth injury: A child with cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy faces a daunting future. Was your child injured at birth due to negligence of a health care provider? Discuss the case with a knowledgeable New Mexico birth injury lawyer at Davis Acuña Law Firm.

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