New iPhone Feature will Prevent You from Texting and Driving

Distracted Driver Prevention
The new Apple feature automatically detects when you’re driving and silences notifications to keep you focused on the road. (Photo: Apple)

Last week Apple debuted the latest software update for iPhones – iOS 11. During a press conference Apple went through the new features iPhones users can expect. However, what is making headlines is what Apple is doing to prevent distracted driving. Apple announced a new “Do Not Disturb” feature for iPhones that will allow a phone to detect when it is in a vehicle. According to Gizmodo, it works by using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Doppler and will lock down your phone while you drive. All you will see will be a blank, dark, screen. Vehicles that use CarPlay will also have the Do Not Disturb feature.

As an added feature, users will have the option to send auto replies to any contacts listed under favorites.  Similar to a voicemail, the feature will alert that the user is driving and cannot reply at the moment. Of course this is a feature that can be disabled. This option is so other passengers using Iphones in the vehicle don’t have to stare at a blank screen. This new feature debut came after Apple received national attention for not being proactive in trying to decrease the number of texting and driving accidents. Apple’s iOS 11 is set to be available this fall.

Texting and Driving Accidents

A study by Zendrive stated that 88% of us are looking at our phone while driving, so it’s best to practice defensive driving to avoid a car accident. The best way to avoid a distracted drive is to stay focused on the road and off the phone.

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