Texting and Driving in the Alamo City

It’s been two years since the city of San Antonio issued a hands free ordinance for drivers who like to use their phones on the go. Drivers in San Antonio can be cited for texting, talking or surfing apps while driving if spotted by police. This rule also applies if you use your smart phones at a stoplight. A citation for distracted driving is a $200.00 fine. Last year, over 12,000 citations were given out by the San Antonio Police Department and distracted driving is still a growing issue state wide.


Staying Focused on the Issue

Fox 29 San Antonio recently released a story on the increasing number of citations for distracted driving. They sat down with Sgt. Jesse Salame of the San Antonio Police Department to get a professional opinion on this issue. Salame stated that, “Studies that have shown that it’s more dangerous than drinking and driving.” When a driver is distracted while driving their brain is not paying attention to the task of operating a vehicle. Multitasking has been proven as a myth by Psychology Today. It’s explained as the sensation of your brain switching from one task to another very rapidly. We, as humans, cannot do two things at once. That is why distracted driving accidents are often fatal or cause serious injury. Someone who is distracted while driving is sitting inside a runaway vehicle.

What To Do if You Are Hit By A Distracted Driver

Distracted driving violations will not appear on your driving record, as of now. Certain people feel that this should be changed. Since distracted driving can be considered more dangerous than drunk driving then any violations for texting and driving should be added to one’s driving record. Jeff Davis believes that adding theses violations to one’s driving records can be used by insurance companies to rate that driver’s insurance rates.

Attorney at Law Jeff Davis also commented that “If you’re a victim of someone else who is texting and driving, obviously you witnessed it.  So you can certainly say I witnessed it.”

“A lot of people are not going to want to admit their guilt. If there are other eyewitnesses on the scene if there’s other people that saw the accident if you can get their names their phone numbers perhaps get a written statement from them,” added Jeff Davis.

Like with all types of car wrecks, getting written statements and contact info from witnesses can mean the difference in personal injury cases. Not to mention they can help prove that negligence behind the wheel was responsible for the accident.

Personal injury attorneys can use these testimonies to build a case for their client to improve the quantity of their settlement from insurance companies.

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