5 Reasons Why Big Rig Accidents Are Different

One of the most common questions we receive is why do we talk about semi-truck wrecks so often. People assume that a commercial vehicle wreck is just like a car wreck, but with more wheels. This could not be further from the truth.

We’ll show you a few of the ways that 18-wheeler wrecks are VERY different from passenger vehicle accidents.

1. A Different Set Of Rules

The trucking industry actually has a myriad of rules and regulations they have to follow that are governed by the Federal Government. Trucking companies have to be registered with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and the DOT (Department of Transportation). The reason trucks have to register with federal agencies is the fact that much of trucking goes interstate, which means they fall under federal jurisdiction.

There is a famous “Green Book” which outlines the safety procedures they must follow that is over 700 pages long. These rules cover everything from licensing, inspections, driver safety, and how a trucking company can operate.

Because of the incredible numbers of complex rules that govern trucking, a lawyer that is trying a case against a commercial trucking company has to be incredibly knowledgable. In these cases, it helps to have a legal team that is a strong, experienced, and responsive law firm to win these cases.

2. Greater Injuries and Damage

It stands to reason that a vehicle weighing 70 or 80,000 pounds will cause damage. Compared to a passenger car, a commercial vehicle causes significantly more damage to your property as well as your body. Passenger cars in commercial vehicle accidents are so tiny compared to trucks and buses. The extent of damage that occurs to them can get transferred to the passengers. Injuries can very quickly be fatal and normal whiplash becomes damaged nerves and traumatic brain injury. Given the size of trucks, it’s amazing how there are not more fatal accidents.

3. Greater Medical Bills

We’ve established that the sheer size of commercial vehicles causes significantly more damage. It’s also true that the medical bills from injuries in truck wrecks are also significantly higher. This translates into longer hospital stays, more testing, more doctors, and a longer recovery. This also means a significantly higher amount of medical bills.

A strong experienced and responsive law firm like Davis Law Firm will take all these factors into account when the trucking company and their insurance company come to the table for settlement negotiations.

4. Increased Death Rates

Around 3,000 – 5,000 people die every year from large truck and bus crashes according to the FMCSA. For all the reasons we just mentioned, it’s the nature of these vehicles to have a higher death rate compared to passenger cars.

5. Larger Insurance Policies

Because commercial vehicles are larger, the increased regulation, the larger damages they cause, as well as the increased likelihood of injuries and death, commercial vehicles carry much larger insurance policies than your average passenger car.

Because of the bigger insurance policies, the trucking and insurance companies have bigger teams of lawyers ready to “swoop and squat” to get you to settle quickly. Insurance companies will not only use their most experienced legal teams to fight you, but they will also use their strongest and most experienced adjusters on the case.

Experienced adjusters use a myriad of tricks and tactics to get you at admit at least a small bit of liability, even if you never realize you are doing that. The reason the adjusters try to get you to admit to a small amount of liability is to use that admittance to greatly reduce your claim if you are lucky, totally deny your claim if you are not.

Given the 5 reasons why big rig accidents are a special type of accident, you should realize why you need a strong, experienced, and responsive legal team that has won big cases against reckless truck drivers. The Davis Law Firm has won millions for clients who have been injured by wreckless commercial vehicle drivers.

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