Avoiding the Swoop & Settle – Truck Accidents

Commercial Truck Accidents in Corpus Christi

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported 3,852 people died in commercial truck accidents in 2015. Oh those deaths, 69% were people in cars and other sized vehicles – compared to 16% of truck occupants. These stats are a whopping 22% higher than 2009, which was the lowest year for truck crash related deaths.

Corpus Christi may be the 8th largest city in Texas, but it is home to the 5th largest port in the United States. That means commercial vehicles and trucks are a common sight on the road. The trucking industry is responsible for moving 70% of freight tonnage in the U.S. According to Forbes, in 2014 the number of large trucks registered in the U.S. increased to nearly 11 million from 2013. That is a lot of 18-wheelers traveling across the country to ports like in Corpus Christi.

Commercial Trucking Accidents

Truck Accident Aftermath

Any sort of motor vehicle accident can be traumatic and disrupt the rhythm of your life. Having to deal with serious injuries and a totaled or damaged vehicle are just some of the headaches one will face in the aftermath of an accident. Knowing what to do in the moments following a car accident is starting to become common knowledge. Obtaining a police report, taking photos of the accident, writing down your side of the story are all vital pieces of information that can help you. The problem is dealing with the insurance companies.

An insurance company will use everything and anything you say against you to deny a claim. Even an oral agreement with an insurance carrier can be recorded and used against you. That is where a personal injury attorney can help. Their job is to prevent insurance companies from denying you the financial stability you need to get your life back on track after a terrible accident. Insurance companies are a business like any other so of course they want to pay little to no money for a claim, and they have to tactics to do so.

The Swoop and Settle and Commercial Truck Accidents

After a truck wreck or car crash is when people can be at their most vulnerable and insurance companies have a tactic that preys on that. It’s called the “Swoop and Settle” referring to swooping in and settling a case for a small amount BEFORE people know the full extent of their injuries or rights. This can cause serious financial distress if you settle for a quick, small, amount and later find out that it won’t be enough to cover all your medical bills or repair your vehicle. That is why contacting a trusting auto accident attorney in Corpus Christi can be virtually important when insurance companies payout small amounts to get claims to go away.

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