San Antonio (South Texas) Attorney Jeff Davis Obtains $9.658 Million For Clients Struck By DHL Truck While Riding Bicycles

The couple on vacation on the day prior to the accident.
Photo courtesy of Eric Moutal and Andrea Newman

A U.S. District Court jury awarded Davis Law Firm clients, Eric Moutal and Andrea Newman, $9.658 million dollars for injuries sustained when a DHL owned truck struck them while riding their bikes.

Following a one-week trial in U.S. District Court, the eight-person jury unanimously found the international trucking company Exel, Inc., commonly known as DHL, liable for the collision that caused Eric Moutal’s leg to be nearly amputated.

The now-married couple was vacationing when the accident occurred. Moutal and Newman, 31 and 25 at the time of the accident. According to their court testimony, Moutal and Newman were biking single-file on the interstate’s bike lane when the 18-wheeler veered into the shoulder hitting them.

It was uncovered by Davis Law Firm that the truck was speeding at the time of the accident. “We did an analysis of the ‘black box’ in the truck which showed that the truck driver had set his cruise control over the speed limit and that he had ignored multiple warning signs about cyclists on the roadway,” San Antonio attorney Jeff Davis explained.

“Just a few hours after the accident,” attorney Davis stated, “the trucking company hired what we call a ‘legal swat team’ to begin preparing their defense while my client was undergoing surgery fighting to save his leg. Luckily, my client’s family called us in time for us to intervene and the trucking company had to start dealing with us and not Eric.”

Multiple settlement offers were made to Moutal and Newman before the trial. according to Davis, “we rejected efforts to settle the matter out of court because the trucking company was not offering, in our opinion, a fair and just amount for our client’s injuries so we decided to go to trial and let a jury decide.” Davis explained that he immediately began his investigation and was able to track down two eyewitnesses, one of whom saw one of the cyclists fly through the air after being hit by the speeding commercial vehicle.

On Friday, December 13, the jury awarded $9.658 million in economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages. “Davis Law Firm has the resources and know-how to take on multi-billion dollar corporations and win,” Davis explained, “a multi-million result of this size is something our clients would never have the resources or ability to do on their own.”

“I am particularly satisfied that Eric and Andrea will now receive just compensation for all of the great pain and suffering they had to endure from this reckless commercial vehicle driver.”