Getting into a traffic accident can give you a fright, and could sometimes leave you injured. At the very least, it’s likely to do some damage to your vehicle. If you do end up in a collision with another vehicle, you might feel shocked, but it’s important to try to take the right steps to sort it out.  There are several steps you can follow that will help you do the right things at the scene of the accident.

Report your accident and seek legal help
Contacting a personal injury attorney after your accident can save you time, money and stress.

Call the Police & Seek Medical Attention

The first thing you should do if you are involved in an accident is call the police. You may not know it yet but you may be injured.  If anyone is hurt, you may want to also call an ambulance.  If you don’t decide to call the police at the scene, you should report the accident within 24 hours using a non-emergency phone number. You might want to call the police at the scene if the driver of the other car fails to stop, won’t cooperate, or appears to have been driving dangerously or while intoxicated. You might also call the police if the damage to your car looks extensive and is unlivable.  It’s better to call and obtain documentation of occurrence while you still remember everything.

Document the Accident

Having documented evidence of what happened and the consequences of the accident will be useful later on. You will be able to provide your attorney and police with accurate information, as well as anyone else who might need to know.  Use your phone or a camera to take pictures of the scene, including damage to your car and other relevant details, such as skid marks on the road. It might also be useful to take notes and possibly ask for contact details from witnesses if there is anyone you can ask.

Get Insurance Details

You should exchange insurance details with the other driver, assuming there is someone else involved and they have stopped. It is always best to try and stay calm and collect the information you need. Ask the other driver for their name and insurance details, including their insurance company. It’s also useful to have their driver’s license number, license plate number, and make and model of their car. You can also give them your information too so that they know who will be contacting them in regard to the accident.  Obtaining insurance information from the other party can save you time in settling your case.  Contacting your attorney and retaining their services can also speed up the process and ensure that your legal representative is able to contact their  insurance provider to seek compensation.

What to Do If They Don’t Have Insurance

Some drivers don’t have insurance. If the other driver isn’t able to give you insurance information, you should collect what information you can about them. You can still ask for their contact details so you can give their information to your Attorney.  Your attorney can investigate the insurance matter and provide you with options.  You can also call your attorney at the scene to report the accident and get legal assistance. Your attorney will want to hear about it as soon as possible.

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