Tire Blowouts Kill


Anyone that has driven on the freeway has probably experienced some type of truck wreck. Speed plays an important factor in many accidents and when tractor-trailers drive faster than they should this could be placing everyone on the road in danger. With speed limits reaching up to 85 mph in Texas, this is a serious safety concern.

Many truck tires were only built for speeds up to 75 mph. Unlike most states in America, Texas allows speeds over 80 mph on our highways. Due to increased speed limits and truck drivers driving faster on highways, many of them are driving faster than their tires were designed to safely function. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 1 person dies every 2 hours 21 minutes on the roads of Texas.

Safety groups and tire experts have stated that truck tires that are constantly travelling at a speed higher than the tire’s safety rate can damage the rubber. This can lead to serious safety hazards and accidents on the road.

Negligence Is The Cause

A truck’s tires can blowout causing an accident when the tire is damaged due to driving at excessive speeds, carrying heavy loads, or due to debris on the road. The NHTSA investigated several incidents of blowouts involving certain tires and they found the truck drivers were at fault, not the tires. “An 18-wheeler is not a Porsche and shouldn’t be driven like one,” says rubber association expert Dan Zielinski

This report has led to a disagreement between safety officials and the trucking industry over who’s to blame for the increased risk of blowouts. When the Associated Press asked highway officials about the issue, they declined to answer the questions or said they were unaware of the safety issue.

This is a serious safety issue officials need to address to keep everyone safe on the road. Motorists should be aware of the risks and be cautious when driving near big rigs on the highway.

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