Denise Ulloa Happy Client Testimonial

Denise Ulloa and her family were so happy with the results of her case and the treatment that she received that they came in to meet with San Antonio Injury Lawyer Jeff Davis to applaud the successes of her case. Denise said, ” I wanted to thank Davis Law Firm for getting me the help that I needed to recuperate from my injuries. My attorneys were very professional. I am proud to be a client of Davis Law Firm.”

As we spoke with Denise on the phone, she was more than satisfied with the results of her case that she was willing to come in and talk about her positive experience. She wanted to assure others that they would receive the treatment that she did.  In fact, Denise had originally called another lawyer for help and wasn’t satisfied with the treatment she received, so she decided to call the 4’s and met with one of our attorney’s the same day that she had called.

Davis Law Firm strives to do our best in honoring all successful clients in choosing to call on the 4’s for law services. We would like to sincerely thank Denise and her family for entrusting us to handle her legal needs in a time of crisis.