Zendrive Study on Distracted Driving

Remember when you could order a vehicle with a phone? The phone wasn’t cordless, and you needed to drill holes into the vehicle for the antenna. Before that trend most people used CB radios as a rudimentary form of the internet today. People connecting through radio waves instead of satellite signals. People talking on a device while driving has been a norm for decades, but it wasn’t until we started texting that traffic fatalities started to pile up. According to Zendrive, a new study on distracted driving recently released states that 88% of people use their phones while driving.

How Often Does the Average Driver Look at Their Phone While Driving?

Zendrive captures data and reports on analytics conducted by research of human error collisions.  Their research uses smartphone sensors to measure the most important variable: driver behavior.  Zendrive observed over 3 million drivers, taking 570 million car rides over 5.6 billion miles. This is a wide range of gathering of information on how often the average driver looks at their phone while driving. The results showed that the average driver spends 3.5 minutes on their phone per every hour of driving. If taking your eyes off the road for 2 seconds increases the risk of crashing by 20%, how often are we increasing the odds during our daily commute?

In 2015, nearly 3,500 people died in distracted driving accidents. Using a phone while driving is something we see on the road every day. Most of us can admit to glancing at the screen when we hear a ding, or we wait until a stoplight to respond to a text. The study also showed that young people use their phones more often that other age groups. However, they suspect that it may be because younger people are more honest about their distracted driving habits.

Texting and Driving Accidents

It’s unfair to assume that everyone who uses their phone momentary to see a notification or glance at a GPS is as reckless as someone typing a long text in a school zone. However, if the study says that 88% of us are looking at our phone while driving, it’s best to practice defensive driving to avoid a car accident. The best way to avoid a distracted drive is to stay focused on the road and off the phone.

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