Traffic Jam Road Rage

How many of us have been sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and day dreamed about owning a bulldozer or monster truck that can just push the traffic to the side and clear a path just for you.

Traffic can be one of the most annoying parts of the day. In article from ABC News, Americans spend 14.5 million hours a day stuck in traffic. That same article concluded that bad road designs are blamed for 30% percent of highway fatalities, not to mention that idling vehicles emit harmful gases into the environment. With all these negative factors surrounding the already stressful anxiety associated with traffic it’s no wonder why some people fall victim to road rage.


Rio Road Rage

Traffic jams and road rage is not exclusive to Americans as last week a bus driver in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was captured on video pushing its way through a blocked city street. The driver used the city bus as a bulldozer and forced cars and vans to move out of its way. The video shows the bus pushing a van for nearly the entire city block with the van’s brakes still on. The footage was captured by CBS reporter David Common who posted it on his social media account last week on August 11.

So why was this bus driver in such a rush that he had to plow through a city block worth of traffic? Automotive news site speculates that the bus driver may have been trying to avoid a possible attack. The same night this event happened another city bus that was transporting members of the media was attacked. Two windows were shattered and three people were hospitalized. Officials say it was rocks that were being thrown at the bus, but reporters on the scene say otherwise. They claim it was gunfire! So when this bus driver was blocked off by traffic the fear that they were going to fall victim to a similar attack may have been the reason why he decided to step on the gas.

Road Rage is Real

AAA released a study earlier this summer by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety that estimates 8 million U.S. drivers engaged in extreme examples of road rage. That includes cases of drivers ramming other vehicles or getting out to confront other drivers directly. The study also concluded that 9 out of 10 drivers believe aggressive drivers are a serious threat when it comes to their personal safety. Their fear is reinforced by the fact that 66% of traffic deaths are caused by aggressive driving.

Being the victim of a road rage could leave you injured and unable to work. The road rage driver in question may leave the scene before emergency response arrives and while he/she gets an outstanding warrant for hit and run you are left with a bills to pay and injuries to attend to. A personal injury lawyer can be there for you in your time of need to fight with insurance companies to get the compensation to deserve in order to be made whole again.

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