Car Accidents Happen Everyday

In 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that a car accident happens every minute of the day. From a highway pile up to a parking lot fender bender, someone is having a motor vehicle accident every minute. This is partially the reason why a personal injury lawyer is needed.

According to the U.S. Census, there have been over 10 million motor vehicle accidents every year since 2009. That’s an estimated 27,000+ accidents per day that cost Americans $871 Billion a year in: time loss from work, property damage, medical bills, and other expenses.


Debt from an accident is a major reason why a personal injury lawyer is needed. A personal injury lawyer is there to help you get back on your financial feet after suffering emotional, physical, or physiological injuries.

The Cost of Damage

Insurance Premiums conducted a survey and find out what the average increase in insurance premiums was after filing a claim. Their results showed that the average was 41% just for making one claim! If you are at fault for causing the accident you may also lose your good driver discount.

You need your car or truck to get around town so it has to been repaired as soon as possible. In typical car accidents the insurance of driver who caused the accident should be the one to cover the bill for vehicle repairs. But, if the driver does not have enough comprehensive or collision coverage then you may be stuck having to pay for expensive parts and labor out of your own pocket.

Knowing what your insurance policy covers in dollar amount is very important information to ask your insurance representative.

Renting a Car

Repair shops may have cars and trucks ahead of your vehicle so you need to rent a car until it is finished. Insurance companies’ offer rental reimbursement coverage, or the insurance of the driver at fault covers the cost of a rental car. However, this may not cover the full amount of time that your vehicle is in the shop and may have to pay out of pocket for extra days. Insurance may also have dollar limits on what they are willing to pay for a rental car that may not fit your needs. For example, they pay for a mid-size vehicle but you need a van to carry the whole family. You will then have to pay the difference in price for the rental. That is not including the additional coverage that rental companies will offer you.

Medical Bills

Getting hurt or sick can be expensive. After a car accidents, especially a dramatic one, a person may not have time to double check their insurance policy to see what medical treatments are covered while they’re rushed to the emergency room. It’s only afterwards that they see the huge bill for their unforeseen accident. Even minor injuries can result in unexpected medical expenses.

A personal injury lawyer can be useful in all the above situations. An experience lawyer can fight with your insurance company, or the insurance of the driver at fault, to potentially get them to pay up and cover medical costs.


What happens if the car you took out an auto loan to buy is now totaled? An insurance company will typically pay out the cash value of the car or truck. However, if its not enough to cover the auto loan you’ll be stuck paying for a car you don’t own anymore. A lender doesn’t care what happened to the car, they just want the money you borrowed to pay for it.

There is such a thing as Gap Insurance, which is a specific type of coverage designed to cover the difference between what your auto insurer pays after an accident and what you still owe on it.

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