Texas Speed

Living in a state known for its size means drivers measure travel in terms of time instead of distance. We often measure the distance between cities by the number of hours it takes us to get there. Texas, also has the fastest highway in the country with Tollway 130’s posted speed limit of 85 mph. We also have the fastest average allowable speed at 78.3 mph, according to NBC News. A state known for its high speed brings up an interesting question. “Should you use a radar detector?”


Radar Detectors Myths

  • Are They Illegal? – According to Texas State law, radar detectors are only illegal on commercial vehicles are but perfectly legal for passenger vehicles.
  • They Don’t Work in Bad Weather – False, modern radar detectors have the technology to detect police radar during any weather.
  • Radar Jammers and Radar Detectors are the same thing – False. Radar Jammers can disable police radar so they can be considered illegal in some areas.

Are Radar Detectors Worth Your Time?

Advances in technology has made this questions difficult to answer with a simple yes or no response. Since radar detectors have become a common accessory for many drivers, police have started to use Lidar. A lidar uses a beam of infrared light to focus on a small spot on a vehicle, which makes it harder for radar detectors to act. RadarDetector.org, state that buying a radar detector to avoid all police radars is impossible.

Safety technology in vehicles have also made it harder for radar detectors to perform with accuracy. Modern features like lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and blind spot monitoring, use the same K and Ka band radio waves as police radar. That means radar detectors can mistake another passenger vehicle’s safety features as a police radar. You can find yourself being confused by a radar detector that goes off every few minutes with no police cars in sight but there is hope. Radar companies are currently working on new technology to stay current with modern technology and new vehicle safety equipment.

Safety First

A radar detector can be considered a tool that alerts a driver of police or EMS units traveling in the near area.  As we know police and EMS tend to drive with a sense of urgency so being aware of their near by presence can help you take extra caution on the road.  A radar with a GPS can also help you by alerting you of major changes in speed limits known as speed traps.  Radar alerts use GPS to alarm you of a approached marked locations.  This alert can prompt you as a driver to reduce your speed in a safe and timely manner.  All in all, radar detectors can be utilized as a tool to monitor one’s speed limit. As always we recommend you follow the speed limit and always stay alert on the road.

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