Trucking in America

Trucking can be considered the backbone of America among those working in the import export industry. According to Truck Info, the United States has an estimated 15.5 million trucks currently being operated, with 2 million of those trucks being tractor trailers. It’s no wonder they are such a common sight on the highway.

It is estimated that America witness over 37,000 deaths in traffic accidents every year. The United States Department of Transportation estimates that every year over half a million truck accidents occur.  Commercial vehicles account for 9% of these deaths, but 80% of commercial vehicle accidents are the fault of non-commercial drivers – according to Truck Info. Most automobile accidents occur on the blind spots that semi trucks have when a vehicle is next to it.  It is believed that few drivers know the dangers of driving in front of a truck in the no-zone.


The Front No-Zone

What is the No-Zone? It is the front blind spot of a semi-truck, or other large commercial vehicle. CMV Road Sharing advises motorists to avoid driving in this zone. Why? Because a vehicle in the no-zone is not visible to the truck driver who is sitting higher up. Also, commercial vehicle are long therefore they require a longer stopping distance to slow down or come to a complete stop. If you are driving in the no-zone and suddenly need to brake because a vehicle in front cut you off or stopped short the semi-truck behind you will not be able to slow down. Drivers driving in the no-zone have an increased risk of being seriously injured in a truck accident.

Drivers sometimes hear news stories of semi-trucks driving for miles unaware that they have a vehicle pinned to their front end. Or that they have accidentally been dragging a vehicle. Their massive weight and size can make it difficult for commercial drivers to see objects around them.

How to Avoid the No-Zone

Rule of Rear View: When driving in front of a large truck or commercial vehicle look in your rear view. If you can see the entire length of the truck, from bumper to cab, then you are within a safe distance.  The more precautions you take the more you can avoid truck accidents or commercial vehicle accidents.

Drivers that cut people off in traffic are always seen as a rude and reckless drivers. Darting in front of a vehicle behind you can cause them to slam on their brakes forcing other vehicles behind it to do the same. Also consider the distractions drivers behind you have by their phone or taking a sip of their morning coffee. Now imagine trying to stop an 80,000 pound semi-truck after a car cut them off.  Driving without full awareness of your surroundings can be a disaster.  As always, we suggest you apply defensive driving at all times.

Think about this, at 55 mph the average stopping distance for a loaded semi-truck is 100 yards, the length of a football field! Considering that 4 out of 5 deaths in truck accidents are occupants in other vehicles it is recommended by CMV Road Sharing that one should never cut off a commercial vehicle.

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