How do you know it’s Fall? We asked our Davis Law Firm team and here were the top 6 ways you know it’s Fall.

Fall is in the air here in Alamo city. In just a few days, it will officially be the season of pumpkin spice lattes, Ugg boots, and Fall colors. Davis Law Firm’s Pre-Litigation team is fully embracing the Fall season and has already started decorating to celebrate the seasons.

san antonio law firm fall decorations

  1. Coughs and Colds – It’s starting to get cold so it seems everyone, especially people with children, is coming down with a cough or cold of some sort.
  2. Football – It’s not Fall in Texas without football being front and center. Form peewee leagues to pro-ball, football is the talk of the water cooler.
  3. Sales – Between the fading back-to-school sales and the sales where retailers sell off the last of the Summer items to make way for Fall items, there always seems to be a sale. This is all, of course, building up to Thanksgiving and Black Friday.san antonio lawyer fall celebration
  4. Decoration – Of course, as you go to stores, you are starting to notice lots and lots of Fall decorations everywhere. Whether it’s a drug store or an HEB, Fall decor is everywhere
  5. Candles – Candles start appearing from everywhere. Usually, they are pumpkin or cinnamon-scented but really do make areas smell like Fall should smell.
  6. Pumpkins – It’s pumpkin everything it seems. Pumpkin spice flavored everything, pumpkin pies, pumpkins as decor, pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins.