How to Find the Right San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Perhaps your bike skidded out on a tricky section of I-410, sending you careening into the guardrail. Or maybe an oil rig sideswiped you while you passed. It took just a moment to turn your world upside down. In the hours since, you’ve been trying to get a grip. You’re working to heal, to make sense of what happened and to take care of critical logistics. What comes next?

You need a skilled ally. A qualified San Antonio motorcycle accident attorney can help you obtain fair compensation for your medical bills, time off work, motorcycle damages and other costs. He can also hire forensics experts to preserve critical clues; negotiate intelligently with insurance carriers; and bring negligent or careless parties to justice.

Stay Protected after a motorcycle accident.
Motorcycle riders should stay alert on the road.

Attributes of a Skilled San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Attorney

How do you find a great fit? After all, you’re in pain and overwhelmed. Your choices seem limitless. Make sure your attorney has:

  • A track record of success negotiating fair settlements for clients and also winning in the courtroom;
  • An excellent team to support you, answer your questions and help you feel back in control;
  • The ability to give your matter complete and focused attention.

Complicating Factors—and How the Right Attorney Makes a Difference

  • Confusion at the accident scene. Perhaps multiple vehicles were involved in your collision, and no one can agree on the facts. Or maybe sun glare, loose gravel on the freeway and a driver’s errant lane change combined to create a forensic puzzle. An effective attorney can team up with accident reconstruction specialists to figure out exactly what went wrong and why.
  • A cascading medical situation. For instance, maybe you sprained your back after being thrown off your bike, aggravating a previous injury. Your attorney can prevent the insurer from denying your claim based on this pre-existing condition.
  • Unfair, untrue allegations about your actions. What if the trucker who T-boned your motorcycle claims that you ran a red light, when you did no such thing? A seasoned lawyer can challenge his version of events using evidence like video footage (if it exists) or the truck driver’s logbook (demonstrating, perhaps, that he had exceeded his hourly limit and was thus driving while exhausted).

Getting Great Service from Your Attorney

Before your first consultation, prepare by writing down any questions have about the firm or your case. Pay attention not only to the substance of the conversation but also to the vibe you get from the firm. Once you’ve retained an attorney be a conscientious client. Provide paperwork and other information on time. Also, show up for meetings and court dates. Help the staff help you.

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