Large Trucks in San Antonio

Large trucks are a common sight in San Antonio. Big vehicles weighing over 20,000 pounds traveling at 60+mph  in the next to smaller vehicles.

In 2014, 3,660 people died in large truck accidents. Of those people, 68% of the deaths were drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), most deaths in large truck accidents are passengers in other vehicles involved in the accident. Due to the fact that people traveling in smaller cars are vulnerable when compared to the size and weight of a large truck.

However, smaller car and truck drivers contribute over 70% of large vehicle accidents. That is why defensive driving and learning how to “share the road” is vital to insure safe traveling.

Sharing the Road

When it comes to large vehicles, everything about them is big. Their engines, brakes, dimensions, strength, and durability. But with all these larger components comes a larger risk for the larger the vehicle the bigger the blind spot, the greater the stopping distance, more space needed to maneuver, and the longer amount of time it takes to pass a vehicle on the highway.

Crash Factors

Even the smallest errors can result in death. The following are among the most common causes for large vehicle accidents.

Driver Error

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that the majority of large truck accidents happen as a result of a driver’s decision. Not maintaining a safe distance between vehicles, and driving too fast for road conditions are the most common causes for truck accidents. Not including drivers who have been awake behind the wheel for too long and are suffering from fatigue and impairing their judgement.

Commercial vehicle routes can not exceed a maximum of 11 hours within a 14 hour period. A driver must then rest for at least 10 hours after their maximum route. This rest is known to reduce the risk of fatigue among drivers because driving while feeling drowsy can impair a driver’s reaction time, judgement and vision. It can also affect a driver’s information processing and short-term memory. Fatigue is something all drivers should avoid and abstain from drinking and driving or texting and driving.

Mechanical Failure

Equipment failure is another very common factor for truck accidents and it can be created by numerous reasons.

  • Tire blowouts or tread-wear
  • Brake failures
  • Broken mirrors
  • Steering wheel malfunction
  • Insecure straps, clamps, or coupling, causing truck loads to shift or become loose
  • Windshield wiper malfunction
  • Defective anti-lock braking system, causing the truck to jackknife
  • Burned out/broken headlights, tail lights, or turn signals

All of these can be a threat to the driver and everyone he/she shares the road with and can cause serious or even fatal injuries.

When commuting to work or traveling, remember to stay focused on the road instead of your phone. Pull over if you’re feeling tired or sleepy, and have your vehicle in good working order to avoid an unnecessary tragedy.

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