Buses Safer Than Cars?

Living in a big city means seeing car and truck accidents on an almost daily bases. We like cars and trucks because it’s an individualistic means of transportation. A truck gives you the freedom to go wherever, whenever, but is it safer than riding the bus? The answer is no.

Analyst Todd Litman studied traffic fatalities per mile in the U.S. and concluded that riding the bus is about 60 times safer than driving. The rate of death associated with driving is more than double the rate of transit death rate. Litman’s study went on to be published in the Journal of Public Transportation, and discussed all aspects of public transport. For the sake of this article we are focusing on traveling by bus.

Rare But Deadly

A bad car accident may get media coverage if nothing else is happening in local news, but accidents that involve public transit are almost guaranteed prime time media coverage. Why? Because like with an airplane, an accident involving a bus usually causes a victim multiple injuries due to the numerous people traveling on a bus at a single time.

According to the Accident Data Center, 137 bus accident related deaths happen every year in the United States. Bus safety is hard to figure out because manufacturers and companies can push crash reports under the rug to avoid the publicity. In highlight, buses usually do not have seat-belts which leaves passengers at a risk of injury during an accident. Long distance routes may also increase the potential risk of an accident caused by driver error.

Bus Accidents in San Antonio

KSAT 12 reported a bus accident earlier this year in May. A charter bus was on its way to Eagle Pass from San Juan, Texas, when the driver lost control and the bus rolled over killing 8 people and injuring 44 others. The National Transportation Safety Board is still conducting an investigation to find out what caused the bus to lose control.

A more recent bus accident happened last month on June 25th in the heart of San Antonio. A woman only 23 years of age was pronounced dead at the scene after crashing into a bus with her pickup truck on Northeast Loop 410 and Starcrest Drive. A tragic accident that shows that there is a risk in whatever means of transportation you choose.  Our condolences go out to the families of all individuals involved in this accident.

Ways to Help Prevent Bus Accidents

In 2011, the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) was published in the Washington Post stating that the NTSB has been pushing the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) to develop safer requirements and restrictions for transit buses.

Increase on window glazing, roof strength, improved seating compartments, and improve window emergency exits are some of the ideas the NTSB has been pushing NHTSA to develop. Applying advanced vehicle technology like lane-departure warnings, electronic stability control, and forward-collision warning systems could decrease bus accidents.  Surprisingly these safety features already come standard on most modern cars and trucks, so why not on buses too?

Stay Protected

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