4×4’s Can’t Swim

Texas is no stranger to flash floods, yet it seems that every year we hear a news story of some unfortunate soul being swept away after trying to drive across a flooded road. In a state where 4×4’s are as common as Coca-Cola cans, we need to remember that just because your vehicle has the capability of going off-road doesn’t mean we can underestimate Mother Nature.

Flash Floods and Vehicles

It only takes 6 inches of water to reach the bottom of most cars, which can cause them to stall or loss traction while driving. One foot of water can turn most cars into boats, and at 2 feet of rushing water it can carry away most vehicles (including SUV’s and trucks).

In a U.S. Geological Survey, they found out that 1 foot of water can exert 500 pounds of lateral force on a vehicle, so water reaching pass your ankle can have 500 pounds of pushing power. Flash foods means rapidly rising water and if your vehicle is caught in its flood path it can cause it to float. Once your car is floating the steering is at the mercy of which ever direction the water is traveling. The unbalanced weight of the vehicle could cause it to tip over or even flip if the water is deep enough. That is why one should never try to drive across a flooded road of rushing water.

Turn Around, Don’t Drown

The problem is that when you come across a flooded road you more than likely can’t tell how deep the water level is. It could be a few inches or a few feet, one can’t be sure until it is too late, so don’t risk your life by trying to drive across it.

In a case of emergency where you find yourself trapped in a car sinking underwater you must act quickly!

  • Find a pocket of trapped air – in the roof or rear windows depending how the vehicle is sinking.
  • Roll down your window to escape – If you cannot roll your window because they are electric, you must break it anyway you can.
  • The seat-belt buckle can be used to break glass in an emergency. Hold your breath and be prepared to swim before you break it as water can start rushing in.

Don’t Walk Through Flood Water

If a couple feet of rushing water is enough to sweep an SUV off its tires, imagine what it can do on a person. Just 6 inches is enough to knock you off your feet and into a possible life threatening situation.

A weather expert for The Weather Channel, Dr. Greg Forbes, concluded that water traveling at 25 mph has the same pressure equal to wind blowing at 790 mph. That is faster than the speed of sound! The speed of the water depends on the terrain.

Be Aware of Your Area

If your area is prone to flash flood, getting to higher ground is a must to ensure you won’t be in danger from flood waters. In general, weather awareness can save your life from a natural weather storm.

Jeff is Here 4 You

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