When parents divorce or separate, one parent will generally owe child support to the other after a court order is established. A state-supplied child support calculator or formula usually determines how much child support is appropriate, according to factors such as:

  • Income of each parent
  • The number of children involved
  • Previously existing child support obligations of the paying parent
  • The number of nights that the child or children in question stay with each parent, each year

Although the formula may appear straightforward, many parents find it beneficial to work with an attorney when seeking child support or seeking to keep child support payouts reasonable. It is true that parents have the right to work directly with the Child Support Division of the Office of the Attorney General. However, nonlawyers lack the depth of experience that a seasoned family law attorney brings to the challenge of resolving child support matters.

At family law offices throughout Texas, including several locations in San Antonio, lawyers at Davis Law Firm counsel and represent parents in child support cases. We help ensure that our family law clients receive child support they are entitled to or do not pay out more than necessary, as the case may be.

Our attorneys often help divorced, divorcing and separated parents navigate challenges such as:

  • Determining what is income: Since child support is calculated on the basis of parents’ incomes, calculating income correctly can make a big difference in child support to be paid over many years. In the case of parents who are self-employed or have income that varies from one season to another, an experienced lawyer can watch out for a client’s best interests by insisting on correct income determination calculations.
  • Determining appropriate child support levels for special needs children: A child with an illness or disability such as autism may require therapy, special education and/or greater access to medical care than “normal, healthy” children. Parents who have primary custody of special needs children can often make a case for deviation from child support calculator guidelines.
  • Enforcement of court orders: When enforcement of child support becomes an issue, parents in need of child support often need the experienced advocacy of a family law attorney.
  • Modification of court orders: When either or both parents have a significant increase or decrease in income, there may be good cause to ask a family law judge to modify existing support orders.
  • Determining who pays college tuition: Child support does not ordinarily apply after a child turns 18. However, college costs can be a great burden for a single parent. At the time of a divorce or in a child custody agreement for unmarried parents, there is an opportunity to get provisions for post secondary educational support for children built into a divorce decree or child custody order.

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