Texas Dash Camera Laws

Dash cameras can sometimes fall into a grey area in the legal field.  In the state of Texas, there are two official rulings on the subject of using dash cams in vehicles, according to whatcarcamera.com.

  • The camera cannot obstruct your view. Same goes for GPS and anything that can be placed on the vehicle’s dashboard and can obstruct your view of the road. If you plan on mounting a dash cam place it somewhere where the camera can get a full view without distracting you. Behind the rear view mirror or center of the dash are common mounting places for dash cams.
  • In terms of surveillance it is not considered an issue if the recording is not causing harm or disturbance. A time a person can run into legal trouble with a dash camera is if someone they record decided to hire a personal injury attorney and take them to court. The dash camera owner may be called to testify why they were recording in the first place.

They Are Always Watching

Should you invest in a dash cam? What are the legal benefits of having one? What are the drawbacks to having one in your vehicle?

Benefits of Dash Cameras

A benefit of operating a dash cam in your personal vehicle is having an on board eye witness at all times. In the event of a traffic accident or car wreck you will have undeniable proof of how the accident happened. For example, a semi-truck pulls out into your lane without signaling. You accidentally rear-end him but you have video proof that the truck driver did not use signaling.

Dash cameras can also help against insurance companies who deny claims. Insurance companies can deny your claim through various tactics depending on the details of the accident. A dash cam maybe able prove otherwise in instances where an insurance company states their client was not speeding and therefore able to stop in time to prevent the car accident.

Dash cameras can also help in situations of multiple car accidents where one car crashes into one and that car crashes into another vehicle.  According to Digital Trends, insurance companies often claim that the vehicle in the middle of the car wreck hit the lead vehicle.  This kind of accident could be a 50% at fault for the domino collision. A dash camera can show the sequence of events of an accident and distinguish who was at fault for causing the domino effect traffic wreck.


Dash Cameras In Court

Did you know that if you operate with a dash camera and are involved in a car accident the footage could be subpoenaed for a civil or criminal case? As always we recommend you stay alert on the road and drive safely.

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