Accidents Every Day

Every weekday morning, as the sun rises over the city of San Antonio, thousands of people turn on their television to see what the morning rush traffic looks like. While eating breakfast, or brushing their teeth, people hear the news report of 5 different traffic accidents all over 1604 and on I-10, and it’s not even 8:30 a.m. yet. It looks like we see a traffic accident or witness a fender bender at least once a week while commuting through the city. This can make a person think what their odds are of being involved in a car accident.


Those who have never been involved in a traffic accident can consider themselves lucky. In an article done in 2011 by Forbes online magazine, they state that in over the course of a driving lifetime the average driver will have experienced 3-4 traffic accidents, based off an average driving record that begins at age 16. However, traffic accidents can range from a parking lot bumper taps to an interstate pile-up so the odds that a traffic accident would be life threatening are slim in comparison.

Since car accidents are so frequent, what types of accidents are the most common?

Rear-End Accidents

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration states that rear-end collisions account for 29% of all motoring accidents. The most common cause of rear-end accidents is driver error due to being distracted by texting, eating, drinking, or changing the radio stations.

For example. It’s a congested freeway and a car has to slow down rapidly because someone else in front cut them off. Another car behind it doesn’t see the brake lights because they are distracted texting on their phone and runs into the back of the middle car, which sets off a chain reaction, sending the middle car into the car in front. This can be a common sight for anyone who uses the 410 on-ramp on I-10.

Single Car Accidents

Bad weather and driver distraction are causes for a single vehicle accident. Drivers losing control of their car during a rain storm or fog. Driving off the road, because they were driving intoxicated, or busy on their phones are also causes of vehicle accidents. Crashing into objects like, trees, guardrails, curbs, or anything that could be in their way when they lose control are some secondary effects of the vehicle accidents.

T-Bones at Intersections

Accidents that involve more than one vehicle, when one vehicle crosses an intersection and hits into the side, “T-boning”, another vehicle. Running red lights, or stop signs, can cause cars to crash into each other at intersections. Studies show that an estimated 50% of accidents in urban areas, and 30% in rural areas, happen at intersections.

Blind Spot Accidents

Although modern cars with blind spot detectors have started to reduce the number of blind spot accidents, they are still very common in high traffic areas. Cars and trucks side-swiping each other while trying to switch or merge lanes because they failed to check their blind spots to see if it is clear.

The video below offers the safest way to adjust the mirrors in your vehicle to reduce blind spots.

Animals On the Road

From a tortoise to a 10 point buck, animals on the road is another common cause for car accidents. Accidents that occur due to a driver losing control in an attempt to avoid hitting an animal, or by striking the animal and causing damage to their vehicle. Anyone who’s ever had a run in with a deer can tell you that they can be heavy and can total a vehicle’s front-end.

It’s recommended that people traveling in rural areas at night should be aware of animal crossing signs and travel at a reduced speed with their high beams on.


Driving during a rain storm or on wet roads is dangerous when the tires of your vehicle begin to lose contact with the road and instead ride on a thin layer of water that causes the tires to lose traction. This can cause the vehicle to slowly drift out of control due to lack of grip on the road and cause serious or even fatal injuries. The higher the speed the greater the chance that your vehicle can hydroplane.

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