Deep-Fried Turkey Trouble

The turkey is the Santa Clause of Thanksgiving. That is why most families place it at the center of the table when they gather with friends and family on Thanksgiving Day. People have different tastes and recipes for prepping their turkey fest. One of the more well-known methods for cooking a turkey is to deep fry it. Seven years in a row, Texas lead the Nation for having the most number of deep-fried turkey accidents in the country. Fox News ran a story in 2013 stating that deep-fryer related fires account for 5 deaths, 60 injures, and over $15 million in property damage, every year! So why is deep frying a turkey so dangerous?


The danger is in the grease, which can be combustible if it reaches temperatures over 350 degrees. A turkey that hasn’t been completely thawed out can cause the oil to splatter when you drop it into the pot of hot boiling grease. Splatting can cause flammable white-hot grease to spill onto your kitchen stove and counter. If the oil in the deep-fires gets hot enough to combustion, then you will find yourself dealing with a grease fire that can quickly engulf an entire kitchen. That is why it is recommend that if you plan on deep-frying a turkey to do it outside.

Top 5 Safety Tips for Deep-Frying a Turkey

Anyone planning on bringing out the deep fryer this Thanksgiving should read these safety tips to avoid having to speak to an insurance agent, or personal injury attorney over the holidays.

  • Never leave your deep fryer unattended.
  • Protect the chef by wearing oven mitts and roll up long sleeves!
  • Working with hot grease and flammable material, so keep small children or animals at a safe distance.
  • Deep frying a turkey is best done outside, away from any flammable material like tall grass or trees.
  • Plan ahead. Keep pots to smother flames, fire extinguisher, but remember to NEVER use WATER on a grease fire.


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