Motorcycle Awareness Month

With summer just around the bend May is often the month students dread but wait all year for. The sleepless nights of final exams are spent day dreaming about summer vacation that’s just over the horizon. Sunny days and warmer temperatures are also a reminder that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. A time when we remind ourselves that we share the road with two wheeled commuters. This month is not just a reminder to look out for motorcycles, but also for bikers to practice safety habits while riding.

Motorcycle Crash Statistics

Texting Motorcycle Accident Awareness
May is motorcycle awareness month. Look twice and save a life.

In 2015, the National Safety Council published their statistics on motorcycle crashes for 2013. According to their research there were 88,000 nonfatal injuries reported in motorcycle related crashes. That year 4,668 riders and passengers died in motorcycle crashes. Of these deaths, over ¼ of riders involved in fatal motorcycle accidents were alcohol-impaired.  Besides impaired riders, one of the biggest factors in motorcycle accidents is that motorists don’t see them. Especially in Texas, which is the truck capital of the world, motorcycles are often sharing the road with massive vehicles. Drivers need to do their part in watching out for motorcycles on the road. How often do you see a motorcycle on a daily bases? Better question, do you give them extra space when you do see a motorcycle?

Motorcycle Safety

It’ll be a rare day when bikers decide to give up their two wheel freedom machines just because they are unsafe. Riding a motorcycle is much more than a means of transportation to most enthusiasts, so that means we all need to take precaution. According to the National Safety Council, when motorcycles and vehicles crash together it is usually the vehicle who failed to give the right away. The most common reasons why drivers may not see a motorcycle are:

  • They were driving while distracted.
  • They did not anticipate the motorcycle’s change in direction.
  • The motorcycle was hidden in the driver’s blind spot.

Currently, there is no guarantee way to stop drivers from being distracted or practicing unsafe driving habits. So, motorcyclists need to improve their safety by wearing the proper gear while riding. The state of Texas does enforce helmet laws for riders under 21, and riders who have not gone advanced motorcycle training to opt out of wearing a helmet. Just wearing a helmet can prevent fatal injuries by 37% for riders and up to 41% for passengers!

Helmets can help protect your life in a motorcycle accident.
The summer months have the highest incidences of motorcycle crashes according to

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