Lasting Effects of a Hail Storm

Hail storms can cause damage to your property, but it can also leave unseen damage that will come back to bite you in weeks, months, or even years, after the storm has cleared. That’s what one store in Northwest San Antonio recently found out. The Target store located at 12621 W IH10 has officially closed this past weekend due to extensive roof and HVAC damage caused by a hail storm that happened in April! The damage was so bad that it was easier to close the store down completely than to fix the problems. If a mild hail storm in South Texas can shut down a mega store like Target, what can it do to your home?

Hidden Hail Damage

According to the experts at, hail can create a domino effect of problems inside your home. It can all start with a water leak from a hole in the roof that was caused by a hail stone. A leaky roof can turn into a leaky ceiling during the next rain storm, dripping unwanted water into the rooms of your home.

A leaky roof can create a damp environment in your home which can cause a variety of issues. Windows and door frames can swell and make them harder to open or close. Furniture can become musty and damaged too. A damp environment will also create a dank atmosphere and unpleasant odor in your home.

Mold Problems

Mold is a cancer that can affect your home thanks to a leaky roof. The ceiling and walls of your home may break out in mold and create a problem that is dangerous to your health and looks awful. Mold is also very difficult to get rid of and experts say that I can reoccur even after a home owner thinks it’s been taken care of.

Electrical Hail-Wire

In more extreme cases, water coming into your home from a damaged roof can penetrate your insulation and electrical system. It can cause wiring problems, short circuits, and in worse cases, electrocution.

Roof Damage Prevention

The best way to avoid long term damage to your home is to have your roof inspected after a major weather storm. Let a roofing professional do an inspection to make sure there are no hidden holes or potential leaks in your roof. Early detection is the best way to save yourself from a financial headache in the future.

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