Safety technology in cars won’t save us if we don’t pay attention.

We live in a time where technology is so embedded in our daily lives that most of us cannot remember a time when we didn’t have a phone in our pocket, or wonder how we ever managed without it. Our cars are getting smarter as well. Modern cars are on the verge of being able to drive themselves! They already have the capabilities to correct themselves if we drift out of our lane, brake on their own if we get to close to something, and warn you if there is car in your blind spot. With all these new advancements in automotive safety one could question how so many Americans continue to die in car accidents every year. In 2013, Loop 410 was ranked one of the deadliest highways in America, and 9 Americans are killed in car accidents every day. Of these 9 fatal accidents they all have one thing in common, a distracted driver.

The same technology that keeps us in constant contact with loved ones can also take us away from them in a split second. Distracted drivers cause fatal accidents everyday in America. Texting and Driving has gotten so out of hand that our government was forced to pass laws against it.

We will tweet about people texting and driving, while we are driving.

There is an odd reaction to texting and driving in this country. In general, we can all agree that texting while driving is an unnecessary risk that should be outlawed. However, most of us will still read a text at a stoplight or briefly send out an “LOL” when there are no other cars around. We can do that and still get mad at a driver in the next lane that is looking down on his/her phone instead of on the road. There is a certain level of hypocrisy when dealing about this issue that needs to stop because no one is above the law.

Those who text and drive must be reminded that it is illegal.

It is no longer about spreading awareness, it is about reminding people that they need to stay focused on the road when they are driving. Our Thumbs Away Thursday campaign was created for that purpose. We want to remind the people of San Antonio to be safe out on the roads and to not gamble with fate over a retweet.

You can support our cause by simply posting a selfie on your social media holding out your hand with your thumb away. The selfie will look like you are holding out four fingers and your thumb away!  Once you have a selfie you can post it on social media using our #ThumbsAwayThursday hashtag or texting us a photo to our (210)444-4444 number.

By posting a Thumbs Away Thursday selfie you will be supporting our cause to keep people’s hands on the wheel instead of on their screen! Please know you could have the chance to see your selfie posted up in the San Antonio skyline for an entire day on one of our digital billboards! All you have to do is post a selfie holding out the number four with your hand and use our  hashtag or text it to the 4s number to be part of it!

Join our cause and remember that together we can spread the reminder that being a distracted driver means being a reckless driver!


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